Solution Manager is a required system to begin the process of implementation of the new SAP environment. Without its use, implementation of SAP systems environment support in their updates and version changes is impossible.

We provide a comprehensive service which is installation and configuration of SAP Solution Manager 7.1 with the highest available SAP Support Packages (SPS).
As part of the standard configuration, we perform technical activities in the area of SAP Solution Manager.
Installation and configuration is performed on the operating system and the database specified by the customer.

Within the area of our competence we also offer services of:

  • Configuration of "Managed System Configuration" - connection of external systems to SAP Solution Manager
  • Configuration of "Technical Monitoring" - that is setting up the technical monitoring of satellite systems connected to the SAP Solution Manager
  • Configuration of EWA reports (Early Watch Alert)
  • Configuration of SAP Solution Manager in accordance with the requirements of the SAP certification CCOE
  • Configuration of monitoring using CA Wily Introscope Enterprise Manager software supplied with the SAP Solution Manager 7.1
  • Setting up automatic certificate distribution system maintenance (SAP license type maintenance) for satellite systems